— Services we provide

Landscape Design/Architecture

Your landscape design is one of the most important parts of your landscaping project. Our residential landscape master planning and design is provided by Nicholas Tropeano Landscape Architects and Michelle Edens of Gardens of Eden Landscape Design. Our firms work together hand in hand with the client to specifically tailor each design to best suit your lifestyle. Once the design process is completed, as a team our companies work together throughout the remainder of the project to ensure we provide you with the outdoor living space of your dreams.

A landscape architect or designer will provide you with a master plan for your yard, as many projects may be completed in stages this master plan allows you to have your project installed at a pace of your choosing. This is much more effective than piecing the landscape together as you go. Carolina Greenscapes works closely with the design/architect team throughout the entire process to be sure the installation is carried out as planned.

Landscape Installation

Carolina Greenscapes specializes in full landscape installation and renovation. From the design, our in-house teams will build your landscaping, hardscaping, outdoor living areas, outdoor kitchens, landscape lighting, retaining walls and finish off with the fine details of lawn/sod, bed definition, and mulch.

We also work hand in hand with irrigation contractors, concrete contractors, brick masons, electricians and construction contractors to bring our projects full circle enabling our clients to use Carolina Greenscapes as their sole contact throughout the project.

Landscape Maintenance & Fertilization

Any landscape is going to need maintenance. Our maintenance team specializes in those weekly yard needs. We help with not just your lawn, but the shrubs, planting beds, irrigation, fertilization, pavers and lighting.

Our top fertilization programs are built to keep your yard healthy and green all year round. We offer packages including seven specialized fertilization treatments applied throughout the year. We have worked hand-in-hand with our local expert distributors to develop a plan customized to our area soils and climate.